Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Many people nowadays are interested in signing up with and gambling at online casinos. However, not all of them are aware how an online casino uses the sensitive information they provide as well as what the casino stands up for and what are its practices. Many of us simply agree with the terms and conditions, without carefully reading other important sections like responsible gambling, privacy policy and the disclaimer of a casino. What follows is general information about the privacy policy and disclaimer of online casinos.

What is Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy is a statement or a legal document that lists the ways a party collects, uses, discloses and manages a customer’s data. This data refers to a customer’s personal information such as name and surname, address and country, ID number and expiry date, credit information, financial records etc. This statement often announces how a party gathers, stores and releases the personal details it collects. Clients are informed whether the collected information is kept confidential or passed to third parties. The content of a privacy policy depends on the applicable law it may need to address.

Online Casino Privacy Policy

An online casino privacy policy often states that it collects personal data and it uses it for creating and managing an online casino account. The information you provide will give you access to the casino, including the processing of your payment transactions and it will provide you with customer support services. Such details are not shared with non-partner companies except to the extent necessary to complete a transaction. A casino can use this info to contact you if it needs to inform you about a problem.

A privacy policy also states whether or not a casino uses cookies and how it treats it. It also refers to the marketing notifications it may send you via e-mail and the security of a casino.

What is an Online Casino Disclaimer?

Generally speaking, a disclaimer is any statement intended to specify the rights and obligations that may be practiced and enforced by legal parties. This term often refers to situations that involve risk, wavier or uncertainty.

A disclaimer may specifically refer to agreed and arranged terms and conditions that are part of a contract or it may refer to particular warnings to the general public in order to prevent some risks or injury. A disclaimer may also refer to limitations of exposure to damages after a harm, while another one may simply represent a voluntary waiver of an obligation.

An online casino, in particular, lists particular warnings to the online casino players. Some of the warnings include that players should be aware that any form of gambling is a risk and a casino will never guarantee any winnings. The casino itself cannot be held responsible for any losses. Signing up at an online casino is also the sole opinion and risk of the player and a gaming fan should check if gambling is illegal in his country. A player should also read and agree with the terms and conditions of a casino before signing up.