Slot Games

The history of slot machines is long and rich. From the first slot machine in 19th century, to the modern online Slots, these games are very popular among casino visitors. Slots get you excited while waiting for the reels to stop, and the suspense is always addictive. Today Slots come in large varieties and themes.

Featured Slot Games

Henhouse Slot

Henhouse Slot Game

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Lucky Tiger Slot

Lucky Tiger Slot Game

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The Three Stooges II Slot

The Three Stooges II Slot Game

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Vulcan Slot

Vulcan Slot Game

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Dream Run Slot

Dream Run Slot Game

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Gold Beard Slot

Gold Beard Slot Game

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High Fashion Slot

High Fashion Slot Game

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Lucky 8 Slot

Lucky 8 Slot Game

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Slots Basics

Slot machines consist of reels and symbols on them. For example, when three identical symbols align under a straight line in classic Slots, the player wins. Different symbols bring different win amount. They are based on Random Number Generator and this means that symbols come in random. There are different kinds of buttons on online slot machines, but they are really easy to learn once you begin playing Slots. They can serve for adjusting your bet, choosing the number of lines, activating auto-play mode, etc.

Most crucial in playing Slots is setting your bankroll (the total amount you are willing to bet) and selecting Slots with the biggest payback percentage and best Slots bonus. This is easily mastered once you spend your share of Slots fun and try different kinds of them, or you can just search the Internet for positive feedback on certain Slots.

Slots Type

In the beginning Slots came only as 3-reel 1-line Slots. Today they can vary from 3 to 7-reel, and from one to multiline Slots. Online Slots are mainly designed according to pop-culture themes, from movies, to music, and from childish to adult themes. Slots can be downloaded or played online in instant play mode. Lately most popular are the Marvel themed Slots, based on Marvel characters and blockbusters (Iron Man, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk etc).

Following are the types of Slots:

  • 3-reel Slots – Classic Slots you’ve seen on movies and are considered as descendants of the first ever slot known as One-Armed Bandit Slot (reels are activated with a lever) designed in late 19th century. Common rule for these Slots is the usage of classic symbols (bars, sevens and cherries).
  • 5-reel Slots – Video Slots nowadays used the most. They have more symbols, designed according to the theme used; they have bigger paylines and more combinations, thus more bonuses and free spins; mainly are popular because of the graphics.
  • 7-reel Slots – Relatively new Slots without bonuses, no special symbols and less symbols compared to 5-reel Slots; they are more difficult.
  • Progressive Slots – most popular Slots because of huge jackpots that increase with every game played.
  • I-Slots – Owned and developed by the software provider Rival Gaming; different from the rest because of animated images, stories and plots; they are 5-reel and have bonuses varying from game to game.

Slots Tournaments

Many casinos organize Slots tournaments where players compete against other players. The aim of every player is to make a bigger winning than anyone else in a given time period. Usually the top three players receive prizes, but prizes can be given even to the top ten players in different amounts respectively. Tournaments are great chance for wining money bets smaller than regular.