It is believed that blackjack originated from France as a popular game called vingt-et-un in the 17th century. Others say it is from Italy. We say this is a hell-of-a-game and its popularity is now worldwide. Here we will introduce some blackjack rules variations.

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The basic rule of blackjack is to reach a number of 21. Two cards are dealt to each player, and the aim is to beat the house by collecting a hand nearest to 21 or equal to 21, but bigger than the houses hand of course. If the first two cards dealt are Ace and Ten/Jack/Queen/King that is called Blackjack and beats all other hands apart from those that are also Blackjack.

Blackjack can be played with different sets of rules:

Vegas Strip Rules

  • American blackjack, most popular after regular blackjack.
  • Players can double anytime on first two cards and after splitting aces, and re-splitting can go up to three times.

Perfect Pairs Rules

  • Winning side bets hold special payouts when first two cards are pair (any pair, color pair and same suit pair)

Progressive Blackjack Rules

  • Additional one dollar bet per hand and a chance for progressive jackpot.
  • One dollar side bet gets you 25 dollars for two aces, 50 dollars for same suit aces, 250 dollars for three aces, 2500 dollars for three same suit aces, 10% of jackpot for four aces, and 100% of jackpot for same suit four aces.
  • Tip: Place side bets only when jackpot is very big, because side bets have very low odds.

Pontoon Rules

  • British blackjack; “twist”, “stick” and “buy” is allowed.
  • Pontoon instead of blackjack is called 10+A hand.
  • Pays two to one.
  • Hand with five cards equal or less than 21 can’t beat Pontoon.
  • Splitting can go two times and doubling once with any two to four card hand.
  • Hitting is allowed after double and on 14 or less.
  • Ties are won by dealer.

Switch Rules

  • Players are able to switch their second cards of their two hands. Pays one to one.

Super 21 Rules

  • One deck.
  • Extra bonuses.
  • Special payout for a five or six card hand.
  • Diamond blackjack pays two to one.
  • Blackjack beats dealer’s blackjack.
  • Splitting up to three times.
  • Double down after splitting.
  • Six card hand beats less than 20 beats dealer’s blackjack.
  • Five or more card hand equal to 21 pays two to one.
  • Blackjack pays even money.
  • Aces can be re-split once.

Types of Blackjack

There are countless types of blackjack across casinos, each casino utilizing the variation they deem best or most played by their members. Find your own casino the suits you best, according to your playing budget, rules, wagering requirements etc., try their blackjack version for free for the sake of practice and decide when you think is best to start placing real money bets.