Online casinos offer great gaming experience and fun and thrilling environment for casino players that cannot visit brick and mortar casinos and who prefer to gamble from the comfort of their homes. A reputable online casino not only offers wide selection of casino games, high quality game play, state-of-the-art online casino software, great customer support service and top notch security, but it also offers a great deal of payment methods that players can choose from. One such payment option is MasterCard.

Players using this card to do business with a casino will find that there are many advantages involved. Its convenience comes in first place since this card is available in many countries throughout the world and many players already have at least one of these cards. Therefore, they don’t have to register with an alternative payment service and they can directly use MasterCard to make online casino deposits.

MasterCard for Making Online Casino Deposits

To make a MasterCard online casino deposit, a player has to choose this deposit option as his main form of payment at the casino. Players will also have to enter the account information that is on the credit card such as the account number, the expiration date and some personal details like name and billing address. Afterwards, he has to type in the amount he wishes to deposit. The amount will be charged the same way like any other online purchase.

The best thing about this payment method is that there are no processing fees involved. The transactions to a player’s account are instant and the money will be immediately transferred into his casino account. He can then use these funds to play a casino game of his liking and generate cash winnings.

MasterCard and Withdrawing

The biggest restriction of MasterCard at online casinos is that it cannot be used as a withdraw method. This policy is implemented by MasterCard International and, in general, it is valid for the entire gaming industry. An online casino player that uses this card can only make deposits, but if he wants to withdraw his winnings, he has to look for an alternative withdraw option like a Visa credit card, bank transfer or paper check.

Preferred MasterCard Deposit Bonus

Some online casinos offer bonuses to casino players that use some of the major credit cards to deposit funds. One such bonus is the preferred MasterCard deposit bonus that provides a casino player with additional cash in his account if he uses this payment method. A casino may offer from 10% to 20% preferred deposit bonus on the amount of the first deposit. Besides the convenience, this is another good reason why players should use this credit card at online casinos.