Direct Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer is very popular banking method available at most online casinos. Also known as a bank wire or wire transfer, the process involves direct money transfer from one account to another. The entire process is fast, simple and very safe. However, make sure that your bank allows this method to deposit money because some banks maintain prohibitions on these transactions. Otherwise, you will need to find another method of depositing and withdrawing to and from your casino account.

What is a Direct Bank Transfer?

As the name implies, a direct bank transfer is payment method that involves transferring money from one bank account to another. Costumers pay merchants directly, without the use of a credit card or a personal check.

This money transfer is the quickest option if you want to send money from your back account to your friend’s account. Similarly, this payment method can be used for depositing money into a casino account. Online casinos that allow direct bank transfer provide you with an online casino banking account. This account cannot be used to make purchases out of the casino, but, in a way, it acts as a cash holder for the money you deposit. Therefore, this payment option allows you to wire money directly from your account into your online casino banking account very easily and safely.

Direct Bank Transfer and Online Casinos

To make a deposit with this banking method, log into your online casino account and select “direct bank transfer” from the casino’s cashier. Then you should be asked to select your country. Pay attention to the casino’s banking details and take note of the casino’s reference number. This number needs to be quoted before you make a deposit. That way the transaction will be recognized easily.
Afterwards, visit your bank and request for a transfer. You should quote the reference number. After you make the deposit, it is advisable to contact the casino’s customer service and inform them about your transaction. Keep your receipt and within 3 to 5 business days, your money should be approved and credited into your casino account.

To make a withdrawal, go to the cashier, choose the direct bank transfer withdraw method and type in the amount you want to cash out. To submit your request, you will need to enter and confirm your bank account information.

Direct Bank Transfer Fees

Before using this method to make deposits and withdrawals, you should know that most banks charge a fee for bank transfer transactions. Your bank, for example, may charge you a fee of $10 up to $30 to transfer funds from your account to another. Likewise, it may cost you about $15 or $20 to receive money into your account through this payment method.