Online casinos offer plenty of banking options for depositing and withdrawing to their customers coming from all over the world. To play his favorite casino game and hit it big, an online casino player has to open a casino account and deposit money. Later on, he has to find the best and most suitable way to withdraw his winnings.

Because of the differences in laws, some players have limited number of banking methods. Below you will find descriptions of the most popular ways to deposit and withdraw funds to and from an online casino in Singapore.

Casino Deposit Methods

Online casinos usually offer dozens of deposit methods you can use to add money into your casino account. As long as you have a bank account or a credit card, you can easily and safely deposit into casinos and there is no need to give away too much personal information. The most popular banking options for deposits include e-wallet, credit or debit card and prepaid card.


An e-wallet is an online account into which you can add funds and later on use the money to make casino deposits. Examples of e-wallets include PayPal, Moneybookers etc. The best thing about e-wallets is that they are very convenient to use online and they have fairly low fees, especially if you use them to deposit at online casinos. All you have to do is to type in some personal and banking or credit card details and set up your e-wallet account.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and Debit Cards like Visa and Maestro, are also popular banking options for depositing. Most people already own a credit/debit card and know how to use it. If the casino you want to add money accept deposits from your credit card, go to the casino’s cashier and type in some personal details, your card number and the amount you want to deposit. The deposited money should immediately appear into your casino account.

Pre-paid Cards

Compared to credit/debit cards, a pre-paid card first has to be loaded with money at the time of the deposit. This payment option is the second most popular way to make deposits, especially if an online casino does not allow credit card transactions. Because you pay for the card beforehand, you have control over your spending.

Prepaid Visa and MasterCard are an example of prepaid cards used all around the world.

Casino Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawing your winnings from your casino account is as important as making deposits. An online casino may not offer the same deposit options for withdrawing, therefore, check this before opening a casino account.

If you are looking for the best way to deposit and withdrew funds to and from an online casino in Singapore, you should check out our reviews of banking options. The casino banking methods we review are all suited and preferred for Singapore. Additionally, our sponsor casino has it all when it comes to offering the best options for depositing and withdrawing.